Clara (Bristol)

I had been for a session with Marina some time ago in person this was really transformative. So, I was very keen to work with her again. I booked to do a distance healing, I was a bit sceptical before that the session wouldn’t work as well and questioned whether I would feel anything at all.
We met on Skype beforehand and had a connected consultation, where Marina was really attuned to what was going on with me and the work that needed to be done. I was so surprised at how much of the work I felt and what a deep place I entered into, just in the same way as I did when we worked in person. The session was filled with body sensations, shifting energies and memories resurfacing, these fitted with the extractions and retrievals that took place.
I have gone on to have a number of sessions with Marina this way and have found the sessions to have a big impact on my healing journey.
With thanks and love.

Clara (Bristol)
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