The Journey

The Journey - Blue door with butterfly (c)Suzie Killick
Image © Suzie Killick

Are you looking for greater clarity for your next step in life?
Do you want to shift out of a pattern or dynamic that no longer serves you?
Or are you looking for some impartial guidance and support at this time?

The Journey is a package of 4 coaching sessions and 1 shamanic healing session at the end, to integrate our work by clearing energetic blockages and strengthen you for your next step.

Weaving together 20 years of shamanic practice and communication skills teaching and coaching respectively, these sessions offer both practical life tools and intuitive guidance to support you in gaining increased clarity and confidence.

During our time together we will focus on a single area of your choosing and journey into it as we explore how it consciously and unconsciously interacts with your:

  • Core beliefs and values (personal, ancestral and cultural)
  • Underlying feelings and needs
  • Communication style and patterns of interaction (with self and others)

We will explore what you want to change out of each of these in ways that benefit you. You will receive practical tools and spiritual practices to support this transformation. These may involve:

  • Frameworks for clearer interactions and boundaries
  • Tools and practices to strengthen self-esteem
  • Ceremonies and rituals for you to do

Sessions may involve some movement and some suggested ‘homework’. Much of my work is Spirit-led and both the sessions and the practices will be unique to you and your journey.

By the end of The Journey you will walk away with:

  • Greater clarity and confidence
  • Stronger boundaries
  • Strengthened authenticity and courage
  • Renewed vitality and zest for life

Investment: I’m a strong believer that healing work needs to be affordable to all. I offer a sliding scale of cost also payable in  monthly instalments. I trust that the price you choose is done so in good faith.

£325 (£75 deposit)      Discretionary Concession £275 (Deposit:£60)

Free 20 mins phone consultation.
Sessions weekly or every two weeks.
Standing Order payment plan available.

Origins of The Journey

I have been a shamanic practitioner offering healing sessions to adults and young people worldwide for 20 years and love it! During this time, I have also worked as a coach and trainer in communication and conflict resolution skills with groups, young people and adults and equally love this work! On my journey through these two practices, I have seen the obvious and seamless dance between them, and so I am finally weaving them together into a package.
[more about my training, accreditations etc]

What to bring on The Journey:

… your courage, your sense of humour, your vulnerability and your commitment.

I look forward to journeying with you.


Coaching sessions are 1hr and healing session 2hrs.
All sessions available in person or on video call.
Commitment to the full package of weekly or bi-monthly sessions.
Standing Order Payment plan available.

Contact me…

… if you wish to book your FREE 20 minute consultation and find out more about The Journey.

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