What Is Shamanic Healing?

frame drumShamanism is an ancient animist Earth Medicine that regards all life as having a soul, intelligence and healing power. The shaman uses the drum, rattle and sound to achieve an altered state of consciousness, or heightened awareness, through which she or he receives guidance from the human, animal and plant realms to assist healing.

Through this state, the practitioner’s sight, sentience and hearing is more acute and thus able to:

  • Track debilitating core beliefs that lead to patterns of behaviour and offer alternative attitudes and approaches to life
  • Work with and extract the spirit of an illness or sense of dis-ease, (physical and energetic)
  • Break debilitating ancestral patterns (learned and carried in our DNA)
  • Retrieve parts lost in shock or trauma to restore calm, clarity and vitality

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Many of us have experienced shock and trauma in our lives during which parts of ourselves have fled rather than face the situation. This is a very common occurrence called ‘soul loss’ in shamanic terms. Soul loss can leave us feeling ‘out of sorts’ and hankering back to a time when we were ‘strong’, ‘happy’, ‘had it all together’ etc. When we think back to those times, it typically means that there is nectar and honey there and that we are ready to begin the process of retrieval and transformation.

Soul Retrieval work can bring back those parts that are ready to return and in so doing, restore our wellbeing and help us to regain our lost power and strength.

Power Animals and spirit allies

We all have animal, plant and spirit allies who guide and protect us, either throughout our lives or at specific times. Power animals and spirit allies unique to the client can also retrieved and often come through during a session. These bring added strength, protection, guidance and vitality.

Shamanic healing can help you

  • Reconnect to your strength and personal power
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Move through loss and separation with greater strength and awareness