In my sessions with Marina she has brought a serious yet light presence to the process. She listens at many levels and makes me feel comfortable; she is deeply respectful and I felt in safe and compassionate hands. I gained insight, reflection and ease, and feel happy and confident to recommend her for shamanic healing.

Nigel Singer

I would thoroughly recommend Marina as a shamanic healer. She lovingly offered healing to my two children who were going through issues and the result was much calmer, happier children.

She offers a safe, humorous, and gentle touch with children, allowing them to relax and feel trusting and held.

I would also completely recommend Marina as a healer for adults too! She has helped bring me to my senses on numerous occasions and cleared blocks, restored clarity and groundedness and offered very helpful insights of ways to adapt my life!

Huge thank you Marina!

Rachel Smart-Knight

From the time I left the healing centre I have found a peace that I cannot recall ever having in my life.
I’m feeling more motivated and positive. I truly feel like this reset has done wonders for my soul.

Liz, Bristol

Marina is a gifted seer who offers uncannily accurate, compassionate and straight to the point insight. I would highly recommend her work.

Sarah Wharmby

I feel in some indefinable way refreshed, reinvigorated and full of confidence.

Peter, Bristol

 I have received shamanic healings from Marina for over 15 years, both in person and remotely for the last 10 years due to my   living across Europe. I can honestly say that aside from the sensory difference of sound and touch, the positive effects and   messages  I received from a remote healing have always been spot on, and left me feeling lighter, wiser and with a more   positive outlook on any stuckness I was experiencing. I can’t recommend a shamanic healing with Marina enough! Thank you   for your continued support!

A very happy punter

I have been having shamanic healings with Marina for over 15 years now, following her around the south west of England – Somerset, Cornwall and now Bristol! I always find I turn to her in times of change and challenge in my life, when I have unanswered questions or inner turmoil to resolve. As she is a highly skilled and experienced shamanic practitioner, and along with her innate wisdom and intuition, it is always invaluable in helping me transition and clarify difficult relationships and times in my life. I highly recommend Marina to anyone who is already familiar with shamanism – or just curious to try it for the first time – as I have no doubt you will find it transformative.

Traci Lewis

I have been a friend and client of Marina’s for many many years and have received distance treatments on several occasions. Her work is nothing but profound. Somehow she just puts me back together.

Her powerful feedback about my issues are always spot on and insightful, giving me some much needed keys to work with and unlock. As a healer myself, I am fussy about whom I allow to work in my energy field, and I trust Marina wholeheartedly. Her integrity and professionalism are outstanding and so are the results.

Jyoti EaglesAustralia

I truly feel like this reset has done wonders for my soul. I am feeling more motivated and positive

Liz, Bristol

My experience of working with Marina through Distance Healing was very powerful and healing. I felt a deepening of my connection to spirit and a shift of energy each time Marina has done a session. I was impressed by the combination of professionalism and depth of experience she brings to her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone, as she is a highly competent and trustworthy shamanic healer.

Ella (Sweden)

I went to Marina when I was having a tough time emotionally and physically. Having never had a healing before (of any sort not just Shamanic) I didn’t know what to expect. Marina made me feel totally comfortable and it wasn’t long before I forgot myself and was totally relaxed – probably what you’re like if you’re really good at meditation. After my first healing things turned around for me, I felt stronger emotionally and this may well have helped my physical state too. It was a few years before I felt the need to go back for another healing but I left with the same feelings of positivity second time round. Please give Marina a try, it is a wonderful experience and she is a wonderful lady.

Jacqui, Devon

I had been for a session with Marina some time ago in person this was really transformative. So, I was very keen to work with her again. I booked to do a distance healing, I was a bit sceptical before that the session wouldn’t work as well and questioned whether I would feel anything at all.
We met on Skype beforehand and had a connected consultation, where Marina was really attuned to what was going on with me and the work that needed to be done. I was so surprised at how much of the work I felt and what a deep place I entered into, just in the same way as I did when we worked in person. The session was filled with body sensations, shifting energies and memories resurfacing, these fitted with the extractions and retrievals that took place.
I have gone on to have a number of sessions with Marina this way and have found the sessions to have a big impact on my healing journey.
With thanks and love.

Clara (Bristol)