Honey BeeHealing session in person (2hrs)

For more information please see How I Work.

Available in Bristol, England.

Investment: I strongly believe that healing work needs to be affordable to all. I offer a sliding scale of cost and trust that the price you choose is done so in good faith.

£80 (full price)  £60 (low waged)

Note: For my integrated coaching & healing package please see: The Journey

Distance healing

Distance healing entails the same practices as an in-person healing: extraction, soul retrieval and balancing work,you can lie down, relax and receive healing at a distance. Healing can be carried out on specific issues and general wellbeing, wherever you are in the world.

Here is what it entails:

The session takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours and we would arrange a time in the same way as an in-person session. Within that time:
  • We would schedule a video or phone chat to talk about the issue you would like to focus on. Alternatively, if you prefer, you could email the information along with a picture of yourself.
  • If on the phone, we would hang up and I would then do a diagnostic journey to see what’s needed and how we can work on your focus issue.
  • Using a mental image of you as a ‘surrogate,’ I would then do the healing on you, which would include extraction, soul retrieval and balancing work and whatever specific work is required.
  • I would then either email you or call you to tell you what was done, including any allies and affirmations that came for you specifically.
Of course some people prefer in person. If distance itself is a concern, rest assured that it need not be an problem. I have done this work over many years for people all over the world, from Sweden, Holland and Spain and as far away as Australia, Indonesia and the Americas, many of whom have felt the benefit almost instantly.
By all means do get in touch if you have any questions and would like to discuss this further, or to book a session.

Cost: £70 (full price)   £60 (concession)

Distaff Healing

Drawn from the Path of Pollen Tradition, this healing technique aims at realigning you with your divine essence or true self.

This is a practice that is done by sitting opposite one another in a chair as I work. It is typically done without the laying of hands, but energetically assisted by sound. The client often enters a state of relaxed meditation and returns feeling refreshed and with enhanced clarity and strength.

Distaff healing is also offered as distance healing. (Arrangements as above)

Psychopomp and Deposession work

Not everyone who has died crosses over easily at the time of death; sometimes souls can get stuck in the astral realms. Occasionally these can become either unwanted or persistent presences in our space; they are displaced, but not ‘evil’. They may be attracted to us for a reason, or have still an earthly attachment to the place where we are.

A psychopomp is someone who helps souls cross over during or after death, this can be a spirit helper and ally, or a shaman with the aid of their allies. This work ensures that the deceased are helped to cross over successfully to find peace. If we felt a suffering being in our physical and energetic space, we too can then also reclaim our full sovereignty and can be at peace in ourselves.

If you feel that this pertains to you, please do get in touch to discuss your specific situation and explore how we might work together.

Tarot Reading:

Tarot allows us to understand the forces working through our lives and can help:

  • Gain clarity over uncertainties
  • Make empowered choices regarding the future
  • Understand patterns and dynamics in relationships

If you wish to speak with a loved one who has passed over, I can help you communicate with them.

Cost per hour: £55 (In person)

Psychic Reading (by Skype)

Would you like to gain some clarity and guidance from Spirit about particular area(s) of your life? Wherever you may be in the world, we can meet face-to-face on Skype and, with the help of my spirit allies, I can give you an oracular reading.

Cost (prepaid): £50 (1 hour), £65 (1½ hours)

Healing for Children and Young People:

I have been working with young people from the age of 5 upwards for many years to help with difficulties such as:

  • Self-esteem
  • Nightmares and fears
  • Parental separation
  • Difficulties socializing and bullying

Healings last 45 minutes and are held in the presence of a parent or guardian or as Distance Healing. (See testimonials for feedback received from parents).

Cancellation Policy

For sessions in person: please cancel 24 hours in advance, after that you will be charged the total cost of the session.

Distance healing and online sessions, 24hours cancellation. After that, £20 of your prepaid price will be subtracted from the refund.

If you wish to reschedule a session, please contact me with 24 hours notice.

If you have difficulty paying please get in touch with me at the outset.