How I work


What does a healing session with me entail?

At the start of the session we will talk about what you would like to focus on. I will then journey to my allies to receive instruction of the work that will best suit your needs and receive information that will provide the key to unlocking blockages or dis-ease.

(By the way, it is absolutely fine if you have come for general wellbeing, or if it’s curiosity that brought you here.)

You will then be invited to lie down, fully clothed, and simply relax.

You will then receive:

  • A cleansing of your energetic, emotional and physical fields (Releasing blocks relating to your theme)
  • Focused work on your chosen issue (or on whatever presents itself if you wish to receive a healing for general wellbeing or out of curiosity)
  • Retrieval (soul parts, personal power and power animal)
  • Rebalancing of chakras

At the end of the healing I will tell you what advice or suggestions I have received for you by my allies, and/or yours.

A healing leaves you feeling calm, clear and empowered.

My practices are a weaving of Core Shamanism and the Path Of Pollen Tradition.

Path Of Pollen

The Path of Pollen is a woman-centred shamanic tradition based on the medicine of the honeybee: her intelligence, structure, alchemy and healing.

I have been working as an initiate of this tradition for last 12 years, under the tutelage of The Sacred Trust (Dorset).

My approach is to regard the nectar as the issue or spiritual lesson we are seeking to work through, and the honey, as the transformation we obtain as we uncover the gifts inherent in it.

Please note: the healing work I offer is energetic and excludes the use of Apitherapy.


Image: examples of distaffs.