Ava M (In person & distance healing)

I had never seen someone who practices shamanism before I met Marina. My psychotherapist felt I was “in safe hands” with Marina. I was nervous, but found Marina to be down to earth, clear and professional, as well as personable and friendly. She explained things well and in a way that helped me feel safe. I feel that she listened carefully to my worries and met me where I was without judgement. The first session was unusual, not unexpected but not like something¬† had experienced before. However, I felt totally safe, relaxed and trusting. Afterwards, I felt grounded, and much lighter. I felt a tangible difference in my wellbeing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel Marina is authentic, genuine, and comes from the heart.

I had my second session with Marina over a video whilst we talked, then the healing whilst being connected by phone audio only. Having met Marina in person and after benefitting from my first healing with her, I found it easy to trust the process of a distance healing. I used earphones so I wasn’t distracted by other noises in my house, and had made a comfortable place to lie down. Marina’s relaxed, personable and professional manner made it easy to connect over the screen. I felt heard and seen. I felt relaxed during the healing, and what Marina shared with me afterwards about what she had noticed in me felt accurate and poignant. I found the distance healing very supportive and helpful. Marina was also available for a follow up call when some tricky thoughts and feeling arose for me that I felt I needed support with. I am very grateful for the care and sensitivity Marina offers in both her in-person work, as well as her distance work.

I would recommend Marina to anyone interested in exploring how shamanic healing can support their health and growth.

With huge gratitude to you, Ava. (Bristol)

Ava M (In person & distance healing)
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